Good Day,

My name is Jaroslav Lenár, I live in Slovakia. I am privileged to take care about Yahway Line s.r.o. company.  I am founder and trustee of Yahway Line s.r.o. and learning how to manage a transport company, growing daily by experiences and challenges that comes.

Since my childhood I loved maps and moving, things in action and step by step I started to travel through Europe by autostop or by train during summer months and discover. I had an opportunity to see how things happen practically, I have no „school“ for transport and was never interested in. I saw how truck and van drivers on long roads live, services in railways and airports, in ports in various European and American countries, in Central Africa. How much does a simple silent observing … And so I experienced without knowing that one day I will do in transport. Obtaining some experiences and returning back to Slovakia, I have worked in various freight forwarding companies, as Gefco, Flash Europe, Tirex, Schenker and PKZ Slovakia. I want to thanks to my bosses which were my coaches at that time and to my colleagues which continually help me to grow up.

My positions in Flash Europe and Gefco Slovakia were to organise express road deliveries, handy carry shipments and air charter services. In Gefco I have worked under Mrs. Jana Bacikova. Then I continued in Tirex Slovakia, where I have received a good training regarding FTL road shipments in Europe from Mr. Tomas Suhanyi and Mr. Igor Palenik. And then my transport carrier took a new wind in Schenker Slovakia, where I started to learn about shipping business, mainly about sea freight, having my first business meetings with clients, learning how shipping market works, learning to solve client´s inquiries, all under my boss and partially coach in one Mr. Felix Miletich and his colleague Mr. Benjamin Chladny and other  colleagues from the team. My last stay was in PKZ Slovakia,  I touched first time air freight with a help of Mrs. Karolina Masarova and team, where I have received a good training too. Really thankful to these people. And also thanks to other great men and great women that helped me to grow up personally.

And of course, as every good entrepreneur, my first and previous company had learned me by practical way how to do a business in this area of transport. A hard lesson, how to not do it. After years nowadays I conclude what a great school! Then I realized that I am (on the way) ready to work in this area of business. After several years, I am very thankful for that experience, because now I see (partially), looking back, also what was wrong and with a new optics I gained a new wind to my back. So, as well by my experience, never judge a person who „failed“ in business, among them (not all of them) there are great winners that understood a lesson of life and are ready to do a business, to serve with their experiences and gifts, to educate and encourage others. Thanks, we can learn from them !

When I did a summary of experiences, I concluded that it is a time to open a new freight forwarding company, where I can have bigger responsability and to influence where the company is going and how it is managed. And here I have found a gap in shipping business that we missed something. So I took the baton from the ground and I want to contribute to a change.

Thanks for Your time and let´s go to work.

Take care,

Jaroslav Lenár

founder and trustee of Yahway Line s.r.o.