We offer our special service for the Jewish people for their returns to their homeland, to Israel, called AliYah.

We can offer air and sea transports for Your cargo and help You to return home. If you have bigger volume of Your goods, the best way is to ship it by sea in 20’feet and 40’feet containers to seaports Haifa or Ashdod, then by truck to deliver your final destination, including full package of unloading the goods directly into your house.

The cargo of smaller volume is suitable to send by air to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. From Slovakia or from whatever country in Europe, we can offer you whole package of services to Your home, incl. all customs formalities, loading at both sides, in Europe and in Israel as well.

Honored to be at Your service and to help You return home. We are ready to answer Your question if any or provide You assistance in measure that You need or ask.

Feel free to contact us on: +421 915 361 171 or jaroslav.lenar@yahwayline.com / info@yahwayline.com